If arrested for drugs in London, there is only one emergency number to call: 020 3514 3668

The No.1 law firm when arrested for drugs in London.

Morgan's solicitors are highly respected London drug lawyers who defendants call when arrested for drugs in London. We are specialist criminal defence solicitors who defend individuals and groups arrested for drugs who are accused of committing any type of drug related crime including; Possession of drugs, Possession with intent to supply drugs, Manufacture of drugs & other banned substances, Drug importation, Illegal drug wholesaling and Retail selling of illegal drugs / Drug dealing.


As performance led London drug lawyers, Morgan's solicitors have a wealth of experience derived from legal careers spanning years spent defending individuals arrested by police or HM Customs in connection with and / or charged in relation to class A, B and C drugs or other controlled & banned substances having been arrested for drugs in London; Whether the allegations involve social supply or the intention to supply for commercial gain we are well versed with just about every legal defence possible to successfully defend clients charged with drug related crimes.


Expert legal knowledge of the UK drugs industry.

Our London drug lawyers have notable success in relation to seeking variation to financial restraint orders granted by the Courts at the request of the Police and Crown Prosecution Service as well as defending clients in POCA confiscation proceedings following conviction for drug related offences including money laundering.

We are instructed by clients at varying stages of prosecution when arrested for drugs in London; At the police station following arrest upon suspicion of committing a drugs related offence, for bail applications, whilst on bail & awaiting trial either at the Magistrates Court or Crown Court.

Our experience of successfully defending clients in illegal drug related Court cases include those involving the identity of police informers, unlawful surveillance operations, illegal stop and search by police officers and allegations of police planting drugs.


Rated London Drug Lawyers.

We undertake never to be listed in legal ratings 'guides' such as the Legal 500 and Chambers as we are NOT a law firm who relies upon volume business or national advertising. In fact we have never had to rely upon any form of media publication in order to gain new client instructions. Clients facing any allegation involving drugs and banned substances expect and complete privacy of their private affairs together with the utmost discretion and this more commonly comes as standard when instructing any small and niche team of specialist legal criminal defence lawyers.

Some 75% of new clients seeking legal representation from Morgan's solicitors, illegal drugs lawyers in London are directly referred to us from other clients, past and present- we believe this to be the highest form of compliment possible.  Other clients find out about us on a 'need to know' basis from peers individuals similar to themselves.


The cost of being arrested for drugs in London.

Morgan's solicitors care about our reputation for achieving and surpassing the expectations of everyone who instructs us. We vigorously defend all clients, funded by either private means or via legal aid to ensure we deliver the best possible result everytime. 


The best London drug lawyers for criminal Court trials

For Crown Court drug trials, we only instruct Barristers and QC's from a very small number of Chambers with whom we have a long history of team work and with those that have a proven track record of delivery positive results in drugs and drug related trials.



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